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Elizabeth has over twenty five years experience of research, visual stockshot research, music copyright clearance, and production management in documentary filmmaking.

She is a graduate of Queen's University (History and Political Sciences). Now she sits on the board of directors for Impact Media Summit, FOCAL International, She is the founding chairperson of the Visual Researcher's Society of Canada/Association des Recherchistes en Audiovisuel du Canada. Just recently, she was elected to the Board of Directors for Women in Film and Television . She has also been an instructor at Ryerson University teaching documentary research and development.Elizabeth speaks English, French and German.

Throughout her career, Elizabeth has worked for BBC, HBO, PBS, National Film Board of Canada, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Discovery, History Television, CTV, ZDF, and numerous international broadcasters and independent production companies in Canada, US and the UK.

Elizabeth lives in Collingwood with her husband, sound recordist John Martin, and their two children Jack and Lily.